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Many moons ago, while studying journalism at university, one of my professors taught me something on the first day of class that’s still lodged in my skull 37 years later: never bury the lede.

So here it is: I’m closing the doors on my consulting business and going to work for a long-time client in a full-time leadership capacity. This will be my last blog under the Brand Nourishment banner.

It’s a third chapter of sorts for me. The first was spent in the corporate jungle, working for two of Canada’s iconic financial companies. (I learned tons there and met…

I’ve written about a lot of different creative artists over the years.

Looking back, I think I’ve used this mostly as a way to channel my thinking on what these artists teach us — no matter how big or small we are, no matter what we do.

  • I’ve written about David Bowie and his constant innovation and reinvention.
  • The Stones’ recording of Gimme Shelter is, to me, a lesson in always striving to be better… even when you’re already among the very best.
  • I was drawn to Howard Stern’s obsession with staying curious — and how that makes him one…

Did I see the tsunami coming?

No, absolutely not.

In fact, it’s the first time I recall it happening in the nearly 12 years that I’ve been writing this missive.

It started in February with an innocent rant about a topic I knew had the potential to strike a nerve: the need to “explain it to me like I’m a 12-year-old.” But I had no idea. It led to a steady flow of replies (far more than normal) about how people really feel — how communication is lousy in the workplace these days, how we’re too complicated, too long-winded, too…

We’re fast approaching the one-year anniversary nobody wants to celebrate: the COVID lockdown.

It was this time last year that I did a few things I haven’t repeated since:

• I flew to Miami on a flight without a single empty seat.
• I swam in the hotel pool, walked the streets of South Beach, and drank a couple of beers on a busy patio.
• I attended a small two-day workshop — 18 of us sitting close to each other, mask-less, around a large table.
• Later that week, I rode a sold-out train to Toronto for a dinner meeting. The five…

There’s a great scene early on in the movie Philadelphia.

Denzel Washington, an attorney, sits in his office hearing a request from a rival lawyer, Tom Hanks. The Hanks character, Andy Beckett, has been fired by his firm for cause, or so it seems. But we quickly learn he wants to sue for wrongful dismissal. Beckett has AIDS and thinks the good old boys at the firm just don’t want him around anymore. Denzel tries to track all of this, but finally loses patience, buries his head in his hands and blurts out, “Alright, explain this to me…

I’ve never done this before. Then again, we haven’t lived in times like these.

I’m re-posting something I wrote more than six years ago. (Yep, a rerun, but not even close to Seinfeld’s league.)

First, let me ask you: how many times in recent months have you heard some variation of we can all get through this together? Probably a lot. We all have. I also happen to believe it’s true.

I look no further than my golf buddies. I’ve been grateful for those 8–10 guys over the past year — they were more than just my social life three…

It’s been a year like none other.

No need to debate it. The evidence is there — more than 70 million infected, 1.5 million deaths, and countless lives and businesses impacted by a pandemic we hadn’t even heard of last Christmas.

There’s been the odd silver lining. Our daughter, Julia, a hair stylist in the making, now gives me haircuts at home, and I love the house calls. The golf business, once in serious decline, roared back to life this year. Other sectors prospered too. Home renovations. Easy cook-at-home options like Hello Fresh. Online pet businesses are going crazy…

As a young kid growing up I had a short list of iconic figures in my life.

Bobby Orr was one.
Jack Nicklaus was another.
David Bowie made an impression on me too.

And also James Bond.

The original Bond, Sean Connery, died two Saturdays ago… and it flashed me back to some of the most memorable films of my youth — those six 007 movies starring Connery, starting with Dr. No in the early ’60s and ending with Diamonds are Forever a decade later. Each was the full experience for me. Exotic locations. Fast cars and non-stop action. Evil…

The drama that’s unfolding south of our border here in Canada… thankfully now in its final days… has me missing the favourite President of my lifetime.

It’s not Obama or Reagan, though I was a big fan of both.

No, for me it’s the former Democrat governor of New Hampshire. Two-term president in the White House. The man high in integrity — with the fierce intellect and quick wit.

I’m referring, of course, to Josiah (“Jed”) Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen on The West Wing from 1999–2006. And I have to believe our friends in the U.S. …

How can you be more helpful than you already are?

The summer of COVID has now faded into our rear-view mirror… and what a different summer it was.

Like many families, ours didn’t do much of anything these past few months. No big vacations, no long road trips, no major memory-making. Rather, we took a few shorter day trips about southern Ontario, never too far afield — just enough to clear the cobwebs and get us out of house lockdown.

These trips ended up taking us through a lot of small towns. Really small towns.

And it seemed like…

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Brand nourisher, writer, strategist. Father of two electric daughters. Owner of one acoustic guitar. The lunatic is on the grass.

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